Multi-Function Rotary Grater Vegetable / Shredded Potato Machine

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Blade Length: 170mm
Model Number: Drain basket kitchen vegetable chopper shredder
Numero del Modello: Vegetable Fruit Slicer Cutter
Material 1: High-quality PP material.
Package Contents: 1 x Mandoline Slicer Set
spiralizer vegetal spiral slicer: vegetable cutter spiral
Manual Spiral Slicer: Adjustable Manual Cutter
Mandoline Slicer: Vegetable cutting machine
fit: Home potato slicer
fit3: manual multifunction vegetable cutter
fit4: Multifunctional round Mandolin slicer
fit5: Manual shredder slicer
fit6: Cheese slicer
working principle: Rotation; grazing, slicing
Characteristics: Convenient, easy to use, safe and not hurt